sunnuntai 2. joulukuuta 2012

Who is the master

Anarchism works only if there is a one person in the world. With more than two, you have an emergence of power, an abstract master.

By anarchism I simply mean the freedom from upper governance. By power I mean the potential to change the world, and in this case the power is more like an instrument. A very abstract instrument. We always have an idealogy of somekind, and in the end this is the thing that drives us. Ideology is born when two or more people make a bond with eachother on basis of somekind of an idea, which they came upon using rational discourse.

Changing ideas, and forming them always require an interlocutor. We have to take into an account that reading a book also fits this description. Therefore a one person doesn't have an ideology, and is free. There is no abstract master, and there is no power.